A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Stymied Saturday

April 24, 2012
Emilie Phillips

Saturday morning dawned cloudy and grim. The clouds were low enough (under 3,000′ above the ground) that it was officially marginal flying conditions. Based on the forecast, I canceled my fly in lunch plans because getting there was looking dicey. There was still a non-negligable chance it would clear up in the afternoon for my Cub lesson. And, around noon, the clouds did start breaking up. Unfortunately, it was because strong winds picked up. From a non-flying perspective, it was rather pretty. Bright sun between fast moving big poofy clouds. From a flying perspective it looked very much not my cup of tea. And, conclusively canceling my Cub lesson, even as the clouds disappeared, the wind was too strong for the older lighter airplane to go flying.


Guess I will try again some other time.