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April 27, 2012
Emilie Phillips

I finally found time to go down to the New England Wildflower Society to get some native plants for the bare spots in the yard. Apparently at this time of the year, most of what they have is more woodland and shade oriented species. The meadow type plants do not sprout for another month. Most of the yard is on the sunny southern side of the house, but I do have two shadier areas alongside the house, so I picked plants for there.


I am really not much of a gardener, so I picked plants by a mixture of what I recognized and what sounded interesting from the label. I ended up with some blood root, ferns, columbine, false salomon seal, and red chokeberry that I regonize. And then blue-eyed grass and jacobs ladder, both unknown to me. Almost all of them should have some sort of flower, and the chokeberry should be good fall folliage.


Of course, now that I have the plants, the next three evenings it is supposed to frost. So, I think that means I have to keep them inside?


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  • Around here, the blood root definitely survives in below freezing temps. Generally, the ferns do not like below freezing at all. There are lots of different columbine plants, so hard to say on that one. It is the state flower of Colorado, where there is frost year around. The false solomon seal seems to be okay in the cold – at least before it blooms.