A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac


May 9, 2012
Emilie Phillips

Last weekend I tried to fit too much in. So I got a whole bunch of stuff done, but I also did not get a whole bunch of stuff done. There were household chores to catch up on, the remaining plants to plant, practice flying, motorcycle repairs, and hopefully a day of kayaking.

I got some of the household chores done, though not nearly all of them. Tyson helped out one of the neighbors with his projects, and then they went flying. I only managed to get 5 more plants planted. There is so little top soil around our house that I am digging up a large hole and filling it with a wheelbarrow full of top soil from the pile for each plant. I have 12 plants left to go, so that's another two weekends or so at this rate.

I gave up on working on my motorcycle myself and just took it into the shop. Of course I only barely managed to quite gardening in time to get to the shop before they closed. Then we ran more errands.

Finally back from that, I went out flying, but I'll leave that for another post.

Sunday I had been hoping to go kayaking all day, but first I had to clean up the gardening mess. Tyson was still working on our ventilator and he wanted the ladder out of the garage and mounted. It was after noon by the time we had all that done. That nixed any plans of going to the coast. It was supposed to have been a really nice day – 12 second period, one to two foot waves, blue skies, and not much wind. Once we counted prep and cleanup time, the only thing we had time left for was a local hike.

So we did a 5 mile section of the Wapack trail. It included the only section I had not done yet. Some of the trillium were in full bloom, another type was past its prime. We saw one jack in the pulpit. The blueberries were all blooming. Unfortunately, ATVs were abusing one part of the trail, so that ended my idyllic relaxation and enjoyment of nature. Photo Album

I wish I could say next weekend will be more relaxing, but I don't think it will be. I yet again have a full day of kayaking on the agenda. It is frustrating that I have had it there for a month and a half and we have not yet managed more than occasional half day trips. Saturday we are signed up for the first of the AMC rock climbing trips which should be fun. And, of course there are all the chores we are already behind on.