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Stairs varnished

August 1, 2012
Emilie Phillips

Mom and Dad were up these past couple of weeks helping out. They finished the stairs, made lots of meals, wrote a better temperature plot, and went out hiking and kayaking with us. I don’t seem to be very good at instructing kayak surfing, but the waves were mild enough that everyone had fun.

We had waited this long to varnish the stairs because they were installed green and needed time to dry. We wanted open tread staircases, and the solution our contractor came up with that met code was to use some thick slabs of pine for the treads. They were installed and securely bolted while wet. Surprisingly, they have only minor cracking after a year of drying and shrinking.

Original installation. From land


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  • I have to admit, it bugs me when my apartment is more than a degree off from my specified temperature. It’s because the air isn’t moving, so heat builds up in my vicinity in the summer, and there’s not a lot to do that involves moving, so I feel cold in the winter.

    I wonder if I would actually save much power if I equipped each room with a little heated fan. Those things are so inefficient compared to HVAC.