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role reversal

August 12, 2012
Emilie Phillips

So, this morning, Tyson and I found ourselves trapped in the shower by a snake. For those who don’t know, Tyson has a few pet ball pythons. We apparently do not keep their cage quite humid enough because they sometimes have trouble shedding. When this happens, we just take them in the shower with us and after a bit of soaking, the skin comes off easily.


Well, this time, when neither of us was looking, the snake slipped between the two sliding doors and grabbed the other side. There was no convincing it to come back. At first Tyson was worried it was stuck and going to injure itself. Then we realized that as long as the snake was wedged in there, we could not get the door open. After a bit of wiggling and searching, we figured out how to disassemble the door. Unfortunately it would have required a screw driver which we do not keep handy in the shower.


We were about at the point of deciding who to nominate to climb up and over the shower doors when the snake started moving again. Somehow it managed to squish through and then poked its nose over the top of the shower to look at us.


We returned the oblivious snake to its cage and securely closed its sliding glass door.


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Comments (1)

  • Sounds like an excellent reason to remove the sliding door with a curtain, or at least a hinged door.

    My ungirlfriend likes ball pythons. She wanted to wear one as an accessory to a wedding, but decided it would scare the audience.