A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac


August 30, 2012
Emilie Phillips

I rode the motorcycle to work today. I was fed up with Tyson’s long work hours, so I normally would have driven myself in. But the weather was forecast to be nice, and I was feeling well enough that I thought I would be safe riding the motorcycle.

Miraculously the motorcycle started up despite having sat for three months. Probably the only reason it did was because I had fully drained the carburetor before parking it. So it all worked out and I had a nice ride to work and back.

This evening, I came home early enough to try to put the new battery in the airplane. According to one of the guys on the airport, I should just have been able to unscrew the terminals, slide the old battery out, and replace. Instead I had to completely unscrew the battery box. I had all the bolts out except one that was thoroughly bound up when Tyson came home 45 minutes later. Between the two of us we got it the rest of the way out. Then we had to swap terminal posts. R came by and helped put the box back in, which was a pain in the neck because some of the nuts were nigh on inaccessible. All told, the battery swap took two hours. The new battery looks promising. It was able to start the engine when only partly charged. The old battery had troubles even when fully charged and discharged in no time flat.