A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac


August 5, 2012
Emilie Phillips

Tyson and I went up to Montpelier VT to visit some friends of mine, one of whom lives there and one who was coming down from Montreal. Tyson had an event in western NH the night before, so after much hemming and hawing and considering the weather for flying, we decided to just drive up afterwards.




Thus, I found myself awake and hungry Sunday morning well before my host. I tried distracting myself with digital gadgets, but the best I could manage was drawing digital pancakes. I eventually gave up and ransacked the kitchen for pancake ingredients. I did not quite find a match for my recipe, but I still made tasty pancakes for all. Then we just had to wait for B to fix his one hour excursion the wrong way from Montreal.

For the afternoon we headed out for a local hike starting straight from the apartment door. The hike itself was pleasant and fairly mild. The humidity was oppressive and we all were soaked well before the rain started. Interestingly enough, we saw a whole lot of Indian pipe including some large areas covered with them. We also attempted to pick a bunch of blackberries, raspberries, and thimbleberries. Unfortunately, most bushes were quite picked over or under ripe.

And, to finish off the day, we stopped for Thai on the hike back through town.