A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Epping Field

September 23, 2012
Emilie Phillips

Russ, Tyson and I flew to Hampton for breakfast. I took the Cherokee and Tyson took his new Bearhawk. After breakfast, I practiced landings while Russ and Tyson finished up.

Then Russ and Tyson decided to try out the Bearhawk off airport. Russ knew of a corn field with a landing strip in Epping nearby. Russ used to keep his airplane in an old hangar on the field. Tyson and Russ got a head start while I was on final for my last landing. I took off again and tried to catch up. They weren’t sure if the Cherokee could land in the field, so I was expecting to circle once I did catch up.

They found that the corn was cut making the full farm road usable for landing. And the road was smooth enough even for the Cherokee. They gave me lots of coaching on the approach and I landed.

Not long after I landed, the owner of the field and his wife came over. They were quite old. He couldn’t remember Russ, but had fun telling us about the Cub he used to keep in the old hangar. His wife remembered Russ and thought it was nice we had dropped by.

All photos by Russ Peitz.