A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac


November 11, 2012
Emilie Phillips

We flew down to V’s bonfire party in RI. Tyson found a private grass strip only 5 miles from V’s house. Between hangar space and open tie downs it looked like they had more airplanes than we do at my home airport. From there, we pulled our bicycles out of the back of the plane. We had to remove the rear seat and the bicycle front tires to fit them, but that’s pretty good. My bicycle was originally set up as a commuter bike, so I got to carry the spinach pie bunggied on my back rack. It was only five and a half miles to the party, but there were enough hills that I was done by the time we go there. Or maybe it was the spinach pie. In any event, I spent the rest of the party enjoying a seat by the bonfire and chatting with folks. Everyone that I knew was a former coworker. Sounds like they have all found fun new jobs. For the ride back in the dark, we took the lazy route and got a car ride.