A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

WV visit

November 19, 2012
Emilie Phillips

Since we will spend Thanksgiving with Tyson’s family, we went down to WV to visit with my folks this weekend. It also was gorgeous weather all weekend so we were able to fly down. We stopped at Beltzville PA both ways to stretch our legs. It is a small grass strip with a glider club. On Sunday, we watched a few glider tows. Tyson, in an excess of caution, filled all the fuel tanks up before the trip, so we did not actually buy any fuel at Beltzville in exchange for their facilities. We did the whole round trip on one fill up.


As for the visit with my folks, it was a laid back affair. They had had a mouse infestation. Luckily it was mostly cleaned up by the time we arrived, but somehow the conversation kept coming back to it. There was an impressive amount of snow left from Sandy. Anywhere it had drifted, there was still a good mound. We did all the usual family things, went for walks/hikes, hauled and chopped firewood, sat around and chatted, and played with our individual electronic gadgets. One of the neighbors decided to renovate their small two story retreat and turn it into a gigantic structure at least four stories tall and with a double floored garage. The roof was not on yet and the interior walls were still open, so we could not quite make sense of the place. During our hikes we kept trying to spot the airplane and the runway, but it turned out they were in a depression and practically invisible unless you were right next to them.