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May 11, 2013
Emilie Phillips

Last summer when I got my tablet, I decided I needed a less obtrusive notification when I receive email. I settled on some crickets chirping outside my window. They were kind enough to chirp one at a time, so my notification was one clean simple chirp. The chirp sound seemed reasonably unobtrusive at work, and at home it was inaudible above the cacophony of crickets outside. Then, come winter, all the real crickets went quiet, and I became accustomed to my inbox chirping at me to tell me I have mail. Now it is spring again and the crickets are out. Last night we opened the windows to enjoy the air and what did I hear all evening? “You’ve got mail, you’ve got mail, you’ve got mail, …”

I always try to carry a pen in my purse because it is a useful thing. Today, however, I was presented with forms to sign on a tablet. The assumption was that I would sign with my finger. I contemplated this for a moment, and then dug my stylus out of my purse for a much more satisfactory signing experience.
I hear they make combo pen-styluses.


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  • Years ago, before you could download ring tones to phones, I had a phone with a few built in choices. My favorite one started as a single short beep. Then a delay, 2 beeps, 3 beeps. It was subtle and un-ringtone enough that I confused people when I said excuse me and answered it. They thought I must’ve been calling somebody on the phone because it hadn’t rung…

    I like the cricket ring tone idea. I’m trying to figure out a local version since I rarely hear crickets.