A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

spring carnival

May 7, 2013
Emilie Phillips

CMU spring carnival was a few weeks ago now. For once I tried to be organized, booked airline tickets in advance, emailed people to coordinate ahead of time, and even worked hard to dig up contacts for old classmates since this was 10 years since I graduated. Unfortunately it turned out most people were too busy to come back. They had new jobs or new houses or new kids. Tyson was busy with work, so only Isaac and I went.


Thursday I ended up wandering around campus checking out what was new and getting lost in the Gates building. I did meet up with my favorite physics prof. Unfortunately all the CS profs I remember fondly have moved on to other institutions. I ended up deciding to stick to my plan to go see the dinosaurs in the afternoon. I had forgotten that the Carnegie Museums were really just collections of things that Mr Carnegie thought were cool. Portable sun dial anyone? As usual with museums, I had not seen the half of it by the time I needed to head back to my hosts’ for dinner.


As usual, I stayed with Pod and Roxanne for the weekend. Unlike some years, I actually got to spend a bit of time hanging out with them.


Friday was buggy, mobot, and MCS ice cream social. Not many of the CIA alumns showed, possibly due to the rain forecast. Our women’s A team did remarkably well. After a few other teams disqualified themselves, I think we made it up to second. Then they got in a couple heats of men’s before it started to rain. Back when I was an undergrad, we all just kind of stood around hoping the rain would stop. Now they have smart phones with radar and can make the decision in advance that there is no point continuing. So I ended up with some spare time between buggy and mobot.


mobot was extra challenging this year because the course was wet and it was still sprinkling a little. Mobot is also where I usually find the CS lounge crew. This year I found Charlie and Barbara, who work at CMU, and no one else. I also randomly ran into a music major I vaguely remember. I think some people were put off by the rain, but mostly, just no one came back. So I went off to lunch with blk. Then I did finally meet up with some of the lounge folks — rjmccall, Kirstin, Kat, and Alisa — and we had fun playing cards with a brief intermission to attend the MCS ice cream where I determined that none of the physics grads had come back either. So, I got to spend a quality afternoon and evening with just a few people rather than a horde, and I learned about the Apple C++ compiler which was cool.


Saturday was the second half of buggy. This time more people turned out. It was sunny, but quite a bit colder. CIA did well in men’s finals. We were again helped out by teams getting disqualified and one team that asked for a re-roll and went from a second faster than us to a second slower than us. Once men’s finals was done, there was an announcement that we would do the rerolls, but then we were out of time, so no women’s finals. Much grousing ensued. About 10 minutes later there was a new announcement that actually we would be doing women’s finals. Unfortunately, CIA believed the first announcement and started packing up and partying. This meant we were not ready for our assigned heat, and did mediocre when we did roll. Oh well.


Next was the SCS event. There weren’t really any surprises for who showed up. I guess I did my homework fairly well emailing people before hand. I think a few extra folks from my class showed up at the end, but by then, the crowds had gotten to be too much for Isaac and it was time to head to the lounge BBQ. The barbeque is now held at one of the organizers’ houses which made it easy to plop down on the sofa and relax and not have to juggle everything while on the move.


Sunday morning I got to spend time with Pod and Roxanne and bake pies. Then, of course, the pie party with a few folks I had not yet seen. I have to admit that by then I was getting a little tired managing Isaac all on my own. And finally dinner with Mark and Deanna which was a nice low key way to end the day and the fun weekend. In total, it would have been nice to see more people, but I also kind of had my hands full, so I don’t know how much more I could have done.