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And it was done

September 6, 2013
Emilie Phillips

Our last kitchen appliance was delivered today. I am somewhat ambivalent about it which is probably part of why it took us so long to purchase it. The issue was pushed by a certain resident of the house who decided the vodka bottle was interesting enough to remember its location and make long distance, non-line of sight crawls to the bottle. So we now have a wine refrigerator. On the plus side, little meddling hands can’t get into the wine and liquor any more. The wine should be kept at a perfect temperature so that we no longer have to seasonally rotate the wine collection from the garage to the downstairs bedrooms. On the minus side, we could have achieved all of that for much lower energy cost with a hole in the ground or a basement. Or even, by not maintaining a stock of wine and only buying as needed.


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