A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Wilderness first aid

November 27, 2013
Emilie Phillips

This weekend I took my wilderness first aid recertification. It is a two day class with a stay overnight at a hostel. First aid is part of the regular training provided by the NH AMC.

This year the instructor focused more on broad principles than on detailed treatments. I felt like I actually knew that part. The previous time, the instructor had focused on all sorts of treatment details which left me much more confused. I need to review the book for a few of the treatments we did not cover, but I think next time I am ready to try for advanced wilderness first aid.

Normally, we do most of our practice and scenarios outside. This time there was snow on the ground and a high of 20F. I dressed warm in anticipation, but we ended up staying mostly inside. On the plus side, I was not cold inside unlike prior years.

The other difficulty was that I was spending two full days away from Isaac. It ended up being almost less of a hassle than pumping at work. The school was quite accommodating and the other students either gave me privacy or supportive comments.