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Virginia visit

December 17, 2013
Emilie Phillips

This weekend, Isaac and I traveled to Virginia for a friend’s wedding. Because of the timing of the wedding and available flights, we arrived midday Saturday and did not depart until Monday evening. In between, I had plenty of time to visit with my parents.

Saturday a nasty, cold rain scuttled our plans for a walk. Instead we played inside and let Isaac get used to the house and my parents. Even with that, he still freaked out a bit at bed time.

Sunday was the big day. In the morning I tagged along with my parents to church so that they could show off their grand kid and I could see some of the folks in used to know. All the other kids my age have long since flown the nest, so the only people I recognized were the older folks.

Next, I borrowed my parents’ car and headed off to the wedding. The wedding took place at a pretty little country manor. I did not see much of the inside because I found it easiest to let Isaac run around outside. We spotted some chickens, a guinea hen, and two peacocks. We also enjoyed little wandering paths through the garden and the bridge over the pond. The wedding itself was simple, standard american. Most of the other guests had met the bride or groom since I moved out of town, so I only knew a few folks. Isaac cooperated all the way through the cake eating, but then he started to collapse. I waited a little bit longer to say my official congratulations to my friend, but then Isaac and I ducked out and headed home.

Finally, that evening, we all went out with some long time friends of the family. I enjoy just catching up, but I also really appreciate hearing their perspectives on all the new events in my life such as parenthood and job evolution.

Monday was chilly but nice, so all five of us headed out for a walk in a nearby city park. Maybe I just have not visited recently enough, but it struck me how the rolling hills gave a great sense of openness and far off horizons. The short, choppy hills and mountains in New England are much more confining. We saw plenty of holly and magnolias: two beautiful trees that do not live up north. And plenty of chickadees, pileated wood peckers, and even a cardinal.


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