A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac


March 9, 2014
Emilie Phillips

I met up with Cheri and her friend Debbie(sp?) at Jackson today while Tyson led an AMC trip up the Cog.

My scaled skis are slow. Tyson made the same complaint last weekend and I did not quite believe him. I brought them because the snow was forecast to be warm and Cheri and Debbie were on their back country scaled skis, so I thought it would be a good match. Going uphill, they were fine. Going downhill, even with the weight of the pulk, they would not pick up speed. I guess I have been spoiled by several weeks of skiing waxable. That, and the scaled skis probably need a new coat of glide wax.

It was a warm sunny day in the valley. Some of the snow was refrozen ice from yesterday’s spring like weather. To escape the crowds, we headed up the hill past Grey’s field to Hall trail. We also, inadvertently, escaped the warm weather and climbed into a cold wind. Over lunch, Isaac became cranky, possibly due to the cold. After multiple attempts to cheer him up, we turned the pulk around and headed down. Isaac’s mood improved as soon as he figured out the ride was about to zip downhill.

Cheri and I coordinated in advance to bring skate skis. She bought some new on sale from Jackson, and this Wednesday I braved the line at the Weston Ski area used rental gear sale. We gave Isaac a chance to run around without mittens and eat food at the lodge, then Cheri and I switched to skate skis. Tyson actually caught up with us and acquired a set of demo gear. I lightened my pack and pulk since we were staying within sight of the lodge. My used rental skis and boots worked out well. The skis glided so much better than my scaled skis. I think I need to relegate my scaled skis to back country powder. The used rental poles, on the other hand, were lemons. I knew the straps were worn, but the points were so worn that they skittered uselessly on the icy surface. Cheri pointed out her $50 poles worked fine, so I went in to buy those poles, or maybe the really nice poles Tyson demoed. I discovered the really nice poles cost over three hundred dollars. So, instead the salesman upsold me to $60 poles.

I gave Tyson and Cheri a brief skate skiing lesson. Cheri said I actually gave a bunch of good tips. That means I must have really learned how to teach skate! I noticed my own technique was not as good as at the end of last weekend, but that is to be expected given the rapid rate at which I improved during the PSIA clinic. There is only so much I could have retained, and none of it in muscle memory.

Ty returned the demo skis and then played in the kiddie area with Isaac. At the end of the day, I stood Isaac on my skis while Tyson pushed us around. Then Isaac and I tried a little downhill. Isaac really liked that. He requested multiple times to do it again.


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