A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Harris Center: Skatutakee Mountain

May 3, 2014
Emilie Phillips

Saturday we hiked Mt Thumb and Skatutakee Mountain. Tyson’s grandmother had given him a guide to hikes in southwestern NH, “The New Hiking the Monadnock Region” by Joe Adamowicz. Most of the hikes are 5 miles or less so we had not used it. Now, with Isaac, those length hikes are much more appropriate. I picked Skatutakee because it is part of the Harris Center “supersanctuary” that we keep driving past on the way to Pitcher Mountain, and there was an optional larger loop.

Most of the hike was a typical New England woodland hike. Much of the trail did not have a built foot bed so Isaac had troubles scrambling over roots and around rocks. Spring is only just starting here. The little single-leaf things covered the ground under the trees and poked out from cracks in rocks. But there were no flowers yet or leaves on the trees. The moss near the top of the mountains was the brightest green we saw.

Part way up the mountain we found a pretty little lake and stream. It also had some modern piping, so someone downhill must be using it as a water source.

Mt Thumb had the better view than Skatutakee Mountain. We ate lunch at the top of Mt Thumb and tried to keep Isaac from tumbling down the hill.

Tyson had his GPS running for part of the trip, but unfortunately he accidentally turned it off before the lake, so we don’t know our total mileage. The Harris Center is a wildlife preserve and so they do not have many hiking trails. The Skatutakee Mountain loop is probably the best of them.