A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

The Long Trail

June 8, 2014
Emilie Phillips

We flew out to Rutland Vermont to hike the Long Trail. Mt Desert Island would have been nicer, but that would have taken more advanced planning. By the time we arrived in Rutland it was past lunch time and Isaac was napping. So we picnicked in the shade of the wing and let Isaac snooze.

The walk from the airport to the trailhead followed one mile of back roads and 1,000′ of highway. This being Vermont, we passed cow pastures, a couple calves hiding in the shade and the clanking of bells far off in the distance.

Once at the trail, we headed south. I found it kind of peculiar that I could know my parents had passed through that very spot because it was on the AT. We picked this section of the Long Trail purely based on proximity to an airport, and we headed southbound because we thought it might have better views. We discovered not far down the trail that it had even better than views — a beautiful gorge with rocks and rapids and swimming holes. From the suspension bridge high above thew river, we could see plenty of people enjoying the water. It looked really tempting in the heat. Unfortunately, if we stopped to swim, we would not have enough time for our hike. We discussed it for a bit, but ended up deciding we would rather hike. We will have to return another day for the swimming hole.

From there the trail headed up the ridge. It was steeper and less well built than I expected for the AT. Initially, we climbed through dense forests with little breeze, but eventually we popped out on top of the ridge. There we found some views back down to the airport. We could just make out our airplane. Unfortunately, after not much distance, we ran out of time and had to turn around.