A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

First kayak trip

August 17, 2014
Emilie Phillips

We finally took Isaac out kayaking!

A couple nights in advance we put the kayaks out on the grass and practiced sitting in them. Isaac thought that was really fun which puzzled Tyson and I since he presumably had no clue what they were for. He has worn his PFD before, but only for a few canoe trips.

For this first trip we went to the lake 5 minutes away with every plan to bail if things went down hill.

The water was warm and Isaac had no concerns about wading in unlike some cold mountain streams. He did complain a little when he went too deep and started floating. Then we went off in the kayaks. He had fun pointing out the water and the lilly pads. No complaints or attempts to get out of the boat. And Tyson was even able to paddle fast enough that I had troubles keeping up. Some ways up the stream at the far end of the lake Isaac started looking bored, so we turned around. Tyson’s hamstrings were starting to complain too, so we headed fairly directly back. We were most of the way back when I looked over and discovered Isaac had fallen asleep. Not long after that he toppled over which made it a lot harder for Tyson to paddle. So we’ll need to work out a solution to that before we commit to a longer trip.