A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

We joined folks Tyson knows through the Super Cub forums for breakfast at Hampton and then a leisurely flight up the coast. We spent more time hanging out on the ground than flying. There were two Huskies, Bill and Kurt, one Super Cub, Rene and daughter, a Cub, John, a Swift, plus the three of us. One of the Huskies was new, so I got a tour of his panel, including the Garmin GTN 750 GPS nav/comm.

We let John get a head start in the Cub flying from Hampton to Bailey’s. Tyson and Rene had fun flying low. I matched speed with the Huskies up higher, meaning I was in slow flight the whole time. When it came time to land, I did a few 360s to give myself more room behind the bush planes.

Fred Bailey owns a large plot of land containing at least a campground, the 3000′ grass runway, and an excavated seaplane landing canal.

From there, we flew a couple miles to Spurwink. The pilot of the Swift thought he might not be able to get out of Spurwink given the warm weather, so he headed back as did one of the Huskies due to other engagements. Tyson and I left the group at Spurwink. The rest headed up to Wiscassett for an air show. We took Isaac down to the dock on the ocean to splash a little and then headed home.