A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Tyson was off taking a course for his instrument rating, so I was left to manage Isaac on my own. An all day hike sounded like a fun simple way to do so. Tyson, like all New Englanders, likes to summit as many peaks as possible. I grew up in an AT trail club, so I am more used to the mentality of trying to hike every section of a trail.  So this sounded like a great opportunity to cross off a mundane section of one of the nearby long distance trails.  We have completed the Wapack trail. We worked on all the close sections of the Mid State trail last year. So, next up is the Monadnock Sunapee Greenway.

From the southern end, I have hiked from Monadnock down to the Dublin trail head. So today was from there north as far as I could hike and back. The trail stayed in the woods most of the time. There was one section on a road. Slightly over half the trail in the woods was on old dirt roads. We saw a few Indian pipes and plenty of mushrooms. After lunch, Isaac kept yawning and even fell asleep once, but I woke him up when I put him down and tried to prop his head up with some jackets. Once he became tired, he wasn’t much use for walking on his own.

I read the guidebook in advance and considered a couple different turn around points. The easiest would be to turn around at rt 101. The hardest to go all the way to the reservoir outlet and back. I was almost all the way to the first turn around option when I determined my criteria for quitting — 2PM.  That aught to have gotten me back home a little before Tyson returned from his class.

I discovered that the campsite on the map was a nice little shelter, though I did not spot a privy. From there it was a short way down to the reservoir. There were several kayaks off in the distance. Isaac, in yet another attempt to avoid sleep, babbled enthusiastically at the waterfall over the dam.

I made it to the far turn around point just before 2PM. It’s quite hard to just arbitrarily stop at a road crossing and turn around to undo all the hiking from the day. But I knew there were lots of hills and miles ahead of me, and I am only just so strong carrying Isaac. Back at the dam, I met two of the kayakers exploring the trail. I showed them the map and they told me where their put in was. Then I found a nice spot for Isaac to splash in the stream. I think that made his day. I probably let him splash for a half hour until he had goose bumps. Not long after that,  he finally fell asleep for good in the carrier. I made good time on the even graded roads without his distraction. I did eventually wake him up when I stopped for a snack and made plastic wrapper crinkling noises.

From there on out, Isaac helped walk. He had more energy and I had less. He did not walk far between rides in the carrier, but it was enough to help. I also discovered Isaac will walk for photos of himself. Good thing we have instant gratification digital cameras now. We arrived back at the parking lot around 6:30. It turned out Tyson’s class ended earlier than I thought, so he was already home. According to the guidebook we covered 9 miles round trip.

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