A Family Adventure

in the mountains, ocean, and air

Janes Island Kayak: Day 1

August 29, 2014
Emilie Phillips

Janes Island is a state park on the Chesapeake bay side of the Delmarva peninsula in Maryland. Most of the park is a swampy island accessible only by boat. On the mainland, there is a full service campground, kayak rentals, and a boat ramp.

Tyson will make a separate post about the flight down. My parents drove out with kayaks for everyone and camping gear. The first full day, Friday, Tyson was busy fixing the airplane while my parents, Isaac, and I paddled. We did not go far since we weren’t sure when Tyson would come back. I kept checking my mostly discharged phone every half hour for updated status. (The status was “Almost done, I think I found it,” every time.)

At the dock, we let Isaac wander around us while we loaded the boats and carried them to the water. We let him fall off the dock into the water once, with his PFD on. After that he was much more attentive to the edge of the dock.

Mom and Dad have spiffy low volume Greenland style skin on frames, so Isaac went with me. From down on the water, all you could see was the nearby marsh grass and birds. We took the straight water trail out to the beach. I zigzagged between navigation markers to give Isaac something to look at. Halfway there, Isaac decided he wanted to try out someone else’s boat. So we put him on Mom’s deck. That lasted for only a moment before he reached over to play with the water and fell in. By the time we got to the beach, we had a disgruntled, hungry, and cold Isaac. Lunch for all of us and some extra layers fixed it. Then we went beach combing. There wasn’t much on the beach. It must get picked clean since it seemed popular. We did find a chewed off ray head.

On the way back, I tried out Dad’s boat. It is very playful and maneuverable. For my own self, I prefer a faster boat, but it seems just the thing for him. Oh, and it rolls easily. Isaac went with Dad and promptly fell asleep. By this point, we figured Tyson was overdue for lunch even if he hadn’t fixed the airplane yet. So we headed back to camp. The only unfortunate part was that Isaac was extremely displeased to be woken up from his nap when we reached shore. Tyson returned soon after having succeeded with the airplane.

Amusingly, when we cleaned up the paddles, a cricket popped out of the button hole in my paddle. I guess it had been stuck there all day. Then, we enjoyed a relaxing late afternoon and rolled into bed early.