A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

San Francisco for the weekend

October 11, 2014
Emilie Phillips

I went out to San Francisco for Sheena’s wedding and, as it turned out, Jenny’s picnic/reception. I dragged Isaac along with me. Most of Sheena’s events were in the evening, so I was worried I would not have much to do, but I made up for it by overbooking myself.

Saturday morning we toured the San Francisco waterfront. Of the many possible activities, we ended up touring a WW II submarine, a turn of the last century ferryboat and tug boat, and a tall ship that used to carry cargo around the world.

Then off to Jenny’s picnic. I know Jenny from CMU CS. She’s been working in and out of robotics and startups. I knew a bunch of the other guests from CMU also. One of my friends is at Facebook, so we discussed the relative merits of that platform. Some have gone into management, but most are still programming. I was debating a job offer, so I chatted with lots of people about that. I left a little early so I could get Isaac his nap.

That evening was an informal party for Sheena and Joe. Unfortunately, Isaac was feeling overwhelmed by too many new people, so I hung out until the pizza arrived, fed Isaac, and then we retreated to the hotel.

Sunday morning I met up with Christina at the Mountain View farmers market. I bought enough food for lunch on Monday. I have not seen ‘Stina since before she lived in Japan and Switzerland, so I asked lots of questions about those years. ‘Stina also has a 2 month old baby, so we talked plenty about how to cope with a kid.

Then it was off to San Jose to catch up with some other friends who were already at the Tech Museum of Innovation. Isaac fell asleep on the way there which put me in a bit of a bind — let him nap or hang out with my friends. I chose hang out with my friends, but I paid for it that evening. The Tech was fun. It had lots of hands on exhibits:  earthquakes, power, mars rovers, sound, genetics, etc. Isaac loved it. Then we were off to get ready for the wedding.

When I was packing back at home, I realized I haven’t worn my dresses in 2 years, and haven’t updated them in even longer. None of them looked like something I wanted to wear to a fancy wedding. So, I figured maybe I would have time to go dress shopping in the big city. Jenny, at the picnic, wore a dress from Rent The Runway. That sounded like a great idea since I could rent something with obnoxious laundering requirements. And I would not have to agonize over picking the right dress for all time. So, after visiting the Tech, I squeezed in a stop at a dress rental shop and found a fun green dress.

The wedding itself was out at a vineyard. I had hoped Isaac would fall asleep on the hour drive there, but he didn’t until the last 15 minutes. I arrived barely on time, still had to change Isaac and I into our finery. And Isaac had just started his nap. The result was a 10 minute melt down in the bathroom. So I missed about half of the ceremony. The rest of the evening had it’s ups and downs. I saw a few more friends from CMU. Isaac played bouncy ball with another kid. But he generally had no patience and didn’t cooperate at all. He even broke a plate.

Monday we went hiking, but I’ll save that for another entry.

Friends seen, in no particular order, Adam, Rehana, Deanna, Kevin, rjmccall, Drew, Roman, Barbara, Nick and Zach. Almost everyone was enjoying life and job. I did note, though that the only two unemployed friends were women, and they weren’t getting hired because of “cultural fit” or too much width and not enough depth of experience. Have to wonder about systematic sexists biases.