A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

After Thanksgiving Breakfast

November 30, 2014
Emilie Phillips

The weekend after Thanksgiving we didn’t have much planned, so we flew off to a nearby airport, Keene, with some of the other local pilots. Gary came along with his new to him 4 seat 170A, so for the first time he could bring a bunch of his kids. I joined Tyson in the Bearhawk because the brakes in my RV-4 weren’t fixed yet. On the way over we all flew together until it was clear the lead pilot was headed to the wrong airport. Once we sorted that out, we were at Keene in no time. Then, with the help of a few other airplanes, we managed to make our own traffic jam. In the end, everyone landed and we had a nice breakfast.

On the way back, John, who had flown his helicopter out offered a ride to Gary’s kids. Two of them took him up on it and looked like they had a great time. We stopped by Jaffrey on the way home for some gas and some grandparent time.