A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Southern NH: Rhododendron State Park

November 16, 2014
Emilie Phillips

Our to do list has gotten ahead of us this past month, and somehow we haven’t managed to dig ourselves out from underneath it. So this weekend was another short hike.

This time we drove out west to Rhododendron State Park. The park has the only natural stand of rhododendron in New Hampshire. Most people visit in the spring for the flowers. We went because it has a spur trail to the Matacomet trail and up Little Monadnock.

A little bit of snow still covered the ground from earlier in the week. It was cold, but not enough to be difficult. We found a panoramic view on a knoll to the north of the summit. By the time we reached the top, Tyson’s knees were complaining, so we opted to make a loop and return by the road. From our map, we expected to take the Metacomet trail all the way to the road. Instead we discovered another trail system in the Widow Gage town forest. Unfortunately, Isaac became cranky part way down. Our best guess was he was just too tired from missing his nap Saturday due to errands, and fighting off any naps during the hike. He fell asleep as soon as we started driving the car.