A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Cold hike on Monadnock

December 30, 2014
Emilie Phillips

Even though it was December and cold, there was no snow. We headed to some less popular trails on Monadnock with my parents.

We parked at the Marlboro trailhead. The trip started poorly at the trailhead. Isaac refused to go hiking because the poles Tyson had brought didn’t collapse short enough. Tyson was slowly freezing standing around at the trailhead. I was ok for a while, but eventually I too got a little cold hiking at Isaac’s pace. As the trail started climbing the mountain, it became slick with water and ice and Isaac had to go in the pack. We made good progress from there up to the Marian trail. We even found a nice sunny, windless crack in the rocks to enjoy lunch.

Then we hiked up Great Pasture trail toward Monte Rosa, but stopped because Isaac was getting increasing grumpy, refusing to nap, and probably getting cold. We decided to get Isaac back out to a warm car as quickly as reasonable. Tyson’s knees were not up to going back down the Marlboro trail quickly, so we split the group. My parents went down Marlboro to get the car. Tyson, Isaac, and I headed out the flatter and shorter Cart Path and Old Toll road.

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