A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

AMC cross country instructor course

January 4, 2015
Emilie Phillips

We held our annual cross country instructor course. Unlike the telemark class, we just cross train within the group rather than bringing in an outside instructor. Ted led the class and I provided updates on the newer PSIA techniques I had learned in the December PSIA class.

The snow conditions were dire. The light dusting of snow in the woods did not even cover the leaves. We held the class on the small loop of trails at Gunstock with man made snow. There were enough terrain options so the limited trails did not inhibit teaching, but it sure made it monotonous. Tyson and I were on waxables skis because it was reasonably cold. This worked well in the morning, but by afternoon the man made ice had warmed up enough that we were not sticking any more.

I had a cold which reduced my efficacy as secondary instructor, but I think it went reasonably well. I learned more of how to double pole. We covered kick and glide, double polling, breaking and turning wedges. We ran out of time and energy before getting to uphill technique. Everyone in the class started at a different skill level. Being an AMC trip leader means you are willing to manage a group of people, but it does not say much about skiing skill. This group ranged from some planting their poles in front of them to some quite competent. By the end of class, everyone showed improvement.