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House Status

February 11, 2015
Emilie Phillips
Indoor temperature graph for the past week.

Indoor temperature graph for the past week.

Recently we have received lots of snow, and fairly cold weather. In previous winters, our recollection is that mid-December through mid-February, we ran the wood stove pretty much every day, except the bright sunny days.

If you look at the above plot, you can see that the inside air temperature and our heat masses all were very cold by the end of last week. We were out during the week. This meant no one to run the wood stove, no one cooking dinner or taking showers, and no one closing the window quilts daily. Then this weekend, we ran the wood stove continuously to try to warm the house back up. Finally today was a full day of bright sun and the indoor air temperature really warmed up. Unfortunately, the panels are covered in snow, so the slab barely warmed. We don’t have the radiant piping through the sand turned on currently because, with even the slab is so cold, we want to concentrate the heat closest to the living space. The weather forecast continues to predict colder cloudy/snowy days, and we are going to continue being away part of the week, so the mass temperatures probably won’t improve for a while.