A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Skate ski and Isaac ski at Windblown

March 7, 2015
Emilie Phillips

Saturday, while Tyson went ski flying, I did chores in the morning and went over to Windblown in the afternoon to practice skate skiing again. Isaac and I did not go with Tyson because there wouldn’t have been anything for Isaac to do and I would have just been frustrated watching him.

After Isaac’s disinterest in skiing the last time we were out, and his general disinclination to ski with “Mom”, I figured he would just hang out in the pulk the whole time. As a consequence, I brought fewer clothes for myself.

I started out huffing and puffing just like last time skate skiing. I stuck to the flatter trails since I really wanted to practice technique. There was no point going on trails so difficult I had to herringbone. I went out towards valley view again. This time I took the old farm trail back, which I am not sure I have taken before. About half way back, I had an insight on one technique for being more efficient, “the tunnel of power.” If you get lower, the skis glide flatter on the snow, and you can push off better. I definitely felt more efficient the rest of the return to the teaching fields.

Back at the teaching fields, I took a brief break. Isaac requested out while I was stopped. He wanted to walk around a bit. Unfortunately,  I was getting cold in the breeze and dressed for exertion, so I gave him a choice between getting back in the pulk and skiing. He decided to go skiing.

We descended to a lower trail and then had fun playing around, making some progress on the track, but also pretending to fall over and get up, wiggling randomly to see what the skis did, and trying to make snow balls out of the snow. I made a mistake making snow balls. I laid my poles down on the ungroomed snow only to discover a crust so icy my poles slid down the hill into the trees.

When the trail started up the hill, Isaac wanted me to hold his hand and help pull him up the hill. This did not work well. I was on skate skis, so I couldn’t shuffle at toddler pace, nor could I stand right beside him. On flatter sections I could skate behind and give him a push, but not up the hill. So I sat him on the pulk and went to find easier terrain. Unfortunately Isaac wasn’t patient enough to sit for long, so I ended up waiting while he skied up the hill.

Eventually I decided it was late enough that we needed to give up. We enjoyed several fun downhill runs on the way back to the lodge. Isaac was tired, so I pushed him along in front of me on the flat sections. But the uphills were still problematic. On the last uphill, I could see the lodge through the trees, so Isaac waited while I skied ahead to drop off my poles and the pulk. Then I came back and carried him the rest of the way on my shoulders. He was one tired kid by the end.



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