A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Telemark practice at Crotched Mountain

March 1, 2015
Emilie Phillips

After great luck taking Isaac cross country skiing Saturday, my parents and I decided to take him downhill skiing Sunday. Some other friends of ours were also going downhill skiing, so there was a chance to meet up with them. Tyson planned to spend the morning working on the RV tail spring and then join all of us in the afternoon.

Isaac spent most of the drive excitedly declaring he was going to ride the chairlift. When we arrived at the ski area, he resisted changing into ski pants, and eventually declared he wasn’t going skiing. We never figured out why not, but that completely changed our plans for the day.

I stayed inside with Isaac in the morning and for an early lunch. Then, when everyone else came in for their lunch, I bolted out the door for some quick runs; fast paced practice edging, angulation, and quick turns. I tried to make it back by 1pm to relieve my parents. I found Tyson watching Isaac. He had shown up just when I headed out. My parents were already off skiing. After some debate, Tyson and I decided it was probably best for him to take Isaac back home. I was disappointed Tyson drove all that way and didn’t get to ski.

I met back up with my parents. They requested tips on their telemark turns. I feel like I’m running out of teaching tools to use with them. I need to go to more PSIA classes or find some books with suggestions. I am not sure if I helped them improve their technique much this time.