A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Pre-trial flight prep

April 18, 2015
Emilie Phillips

Saturday we prepared the airplanes and ourselves for flying to Sun n Fun. Tyson and Isaac flew the Bearhawk for an hour to calibrate it’s airspeed indicator at several altitudes. They climbed all the way up to 8,500′ where they were passed by a Southwest jet.

I flew down to Fitchburg to practice landings and test fly several fixes on the RV4. I’d say it is working pretty well. Tyson fixed the starter ground and the intercom. The new tail wheel is adjusted well. And the brakes are reliable. The one thing that I wish was better for a long flight is the compass. The old one demagnetized and the new one isn’t very accurate.

I landed a whole bunch of times at Fitchburg and then once more at Gardner. My landings were reasonable. I even did several smooth wheel landings. But they were all longer than I wished. So next I practiced slow flight and stalls until I felt confident I could bring the airplane in slower.

Tyson and I met up at Jaffrey for lunch at Kimballs and time with the family. After lunch, Tyson requested to practice flying the RV from the back seat. His first take off was a little concerning — he didn’t apply enough right rudder and the airplane veered left toward the bushes before he corrected. It turned out his shoes were too big to push the rudder peddles all the way down. The rest of his landings and takeoffs were fine. By the end, the winds and gusts picked up. Tyson borrowed the RV for a little more fun flying on his own.

Lastly  we filled the airplanes with gas so they would be all ready to fly south.