A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Paddle Nashua River

May 30, 2015
Emilie Phillips

We eased our way into the kayaking season with an easy morning paddle on the Nashua River.

We had attempted to kayak the previous weekend, but failed. That weekend we scheduled kayaking for the afternoon so it would be warmer, but that did not work at all because Isaac naps all afternoon. So this weekend we picked a warm morning and went paddling as soon as we could get packed and out the door. We planned for a short one or two hour paddle. Tyson and I are just starting to stretch our hamstrings this season. And Isaac has not been in a kayak since last September, so we did not want to push him too hard.

We went down to the Nashua River in Pepperell. This time we paddled north/downstream into the oxbows to watch for birds and spring flowers. We saw plenty. Since we did not know how Isaac would handle himself, we took our tandem kayak and had him sit up front in my lap. After an hour or so, Isaac declared he wanted out. Unfortunately, the spot he picked was covered in duckweed. The duckweed sticks to paddles and hands in an unpleasant gritty coating, so Tyson wasn’t happy with the pull out spot. It was good that we stopped because Tyson had a pinched nerve in his leg and I was getting tired of being sat on. We took a short walk, ate snack, and then went off paddling again.

This time Tyson made a beeline out of the oxbows back to the clear main current. Tyson did almost all the paddling. Isaac wanted to splash and pretend to paddle and there was no way I could paddle around that. We saw plenty of birds — ducks, baby ducks, one swan, Canada geese, red winged black birds, and a bunch of small black birds whose heads shown iridescent blue in the sun. The turtles all jumped off their logs before we came close. And we saw one fisherman catch a fish. Back at the boat launch, Tyson and Isaac splashed around in the water while purportedly cleaning his shoes.

Isaac seems to have enjoyed the trip. He said next time he wants his own seat, so I’ll get to take my own kayak and actually paddle. Tyson’s back was a little sore, but nothing major, so with some more stretching this week, we should be good to paddle again next weekend. Though, Tyson is voting for no duckweed.