A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Mountain View Fly In

June 27, 2015
Emilie Phillips

We flew to the Mountain View fly in as an excuse to get out flying.

Flight Plan

Flight Plan

After my planning mistakes flying to Taunton, I made Tyson take Isaac for a half hour and hid in the spare room to properly prepare. The route was fairly simple and I had been to mountain view before. This seemed like a great excuse to brush up on my non-GPS navigation skills. I use charts on my tablet, which of course shows the GPS position of the airplane. Rather than figure out how to disable the position display, I just ignored the charts during the flight. I wrote down all my frequencies and headings and off I went.

Because of kid logistics, I left Brookline later than Tyson, so I couldn’t cheat by following him. The flight was utterly uneventful. I did notice I looked outside a lot more and really enjoyed the scenery rather than constantly checking my avionics and navigation aides.

A bit south west of Alton Bay I caught up to a high wing airplane flying at an altitude Tyson might. I called Tyson on the radio, but I couldn’t match up his description of his position with this airplane. Just to make sure I asked Tyson to rock his wings. The airplane below me did not. Later when it turned towards Alton Bay, I saw that it had floats.

Crossing Lake Winnipesaukee, I heard two or three amphibious light sport airplanes playing in the lake and then heading for Mountain View. More airplanes showed up in the mountain view pattern, including one that didn’t seem to have a radio. Tyson caught up while I was still circling and sorting out the traffic. We landed and parked together.

Photo by Isaac

Photo by Isaac

Somehow Isaac ended up with Tyson’s camera. And even more surprising he actually took pictures. Many of them were things I would never be interested in, like the clover flower and the orange cone. But many of them were actually decent pictures. Here is his perspective on the fly in.

I signed up for the spot landing competition just for the fun of it. They were rather disorganized, so no one else did. Last minute one of the organizers corralled enough people to put on a show. Unfortunately for me it turned out you had to compete in both the flour bombing and the spot landing competition. I tried wedging the paper bags of sand under my canopy, but it didn’t work. Tyson scored second for the bombing. I flew in way too slow for the spot landing and touched down quite short. Someone else hit the house with their bomb. No one was willing to admit responsibility.

Then we scurried home with an eye on the storm clouds to the west.

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