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Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Bretton Woods. Last Hurrah

March 13, 2016
Emilie Phillips

This post is mostly for our records. Tyson, Isaac and I went up to Bretton Woods for some bigger lift serve skiing for Isaac.

We worked our way up the mountain: a couple runs on the bunny hill, ride up the faster quad to a green run, and then free reign of the blue slopes. They had four lifts open so you could get to the western runs in one lift ride. Past years in spring those runs have had better coverage. This year Coos Caper was nice, but the other blue trails were bare dirt. A crew of off duty ski instructors caught up to us. They were really impressed with Isaac’s skiing. He controls his speed with turns rather than a straight down the hill wedge. Tyson had fun chatting with them.


For lunch, Isaac spotted the picnic tables on the upper deck. We sat outside in the warm sun. The view of Mt Washington was rather depressing. The first hunt of snow was a third of the way up the cog railway, and it was patchy all the way to the summit.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes

In the afternoon, Isaac wanted to go ski all the colors, even black. He did ski the mashed potato moguls between the Bethlehem Express and Rosebrook Summit Quad, but he never expressed interest in the actual black runs.

I skied a couple black runs on my own. I did OK, even on the bumps. But I skidded more and carved less than I would have liked. Then I caught up with Tyson and Isaac for just one more run. I still need to move my weight forward and release my edges sooner. Earlier in the day I had practiced mono-marks and that seemed to help.


Tyson’s knee was bothering him, so he kept to parallel turns all day. Isaac does a mix of parallel and wedge turns. More parallel for right turns and more wedge for left turns.

By the end of the day, the snow had melted so much there were puddles at the top of the lifts and here and there along the trails.

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