A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

August bicycle log

August 31, 2016
Emilie Phillips

My commuting by bicycle every day and some friendly competition at work motivated Tyson to bicycle more. I had my first serious crash and almost broke my elbow. That took me out for a week.

Tyson was feeling pretty confident about his commute between Bedford and Woburn MA, but he wanted to know if he could do more. We didn’t have time on the weekends for a 40 mile bike ride, so he decided to commute from NH to Woburn just once to see if he could do it. Depending on route, it is about 40 miles almost all downhill. 300 feet or so. Google predicted it would take 3.5 hours. Tyson was really hoping he could beat 3 hours. He set off at 6AM. Amazingly 2:15 later he was at work while I was still negotiating dropping Isaac off at school with an almost broken arm.

Tyson now had a glimmer of hope of catching back up to me on mileage. He proceeded to bicycle down to work two more times that month. He wasn’t yet ready to bicycle up the hill home. In the process of planning for the rides, Tyson found a variety of sports drink recipes online. All wholesome ingredients like honey, maple syrup, orange juice, and salt. In the end, though, Gatorade has won out for it’s convenience.

During August, we also did our short bike trip on Stonington.

Emilie Stats

  • Number of days commuting by bike: 11
  • Total miles: 292
  • Average speed: 19.8 mph

Tyson Stats

  • Number of days commuting by bike: 15
  • Total miles: 338
  • Average speed: 17.6 mph
  • Number of commutes from NH: 3

GPS Log of Commute from NH

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