A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Two Fools Fly-in

September 17, 2016
Tyson Sawyer

The “Two Fools Fly-in” in East Sumner, Maine is one that we had never been to and this year was our chance. Emilie has been long overdue for some practice in the Bearhawk. She flies it about once a year, at best. Each time she gets pretty reasonable with the plane, but then doesn’t fly it for at least another year. She keeps pointing out that her RV-4 is more fun to fly. For this trip she decided to to a little Bearhawk practice.

We flew up to Plymouth, NH (1P1) where she did a few practice landings. Then, since at this point we were typically late, we headed for Maine. When we finally arrived, it was nearly 12:30 for an event that is a morning and pot-luck lunch affair and a good number of people had already left. A couple of our Maine friends departed just as we were parking. The good news of being late is that the early arrivers who had the good parking spots had left, giving us next dibs on them.

We parked and headed for lunch. Since most people had already eaten, the Greek salad we brought did not get the appreciation it deserved and the choices for other dishes were limited. Deserts, however, were in strong supply and tasty.

Isaac had fun exploring the nearby hangar and playing on the swing that was hung from about 20 feet up! Emilie entertained questions from people inspecting the Bearhawk. I wandered down the runway checking out the airplanes that had flown in. I aslo spent a little time talking with a gentleman who had driven in because his brand new RV-9A was still in its test flight phase and suffering some overheating problems.

On the return trip, we stopped for a couple more practice landings and then Emilie decided that she had done enough wrestling with the Bearhawk and it was my turn to fly. We stopped at Jaffrey for a frappe and fuel. While there, a nice “Beach 18” stopped in for ice cream.

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