A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

North Pack Monadnock

October 16, 2016
Emilie Phillips

On a nice fall day we hiked up to the cliff on North Pack with our local friends.

Isaac taking a picture of the view.
Isaac taking a picture of the view.

Blue skies were the only thing missing to make it a perfect fall day. It started chilly, but warmed up by afternoon. The maples were in blazing red and orange color and the pines had dropped soft yellow needles in piles. The beech trees were mostly still green. We found a whole grove of witch hazel trees in bloom low on the mountain. Higher up, the blueberry bushes were deep red.

The whole group hiking up the hill.
The whole group hiking up the hill.

Isaac did really well hiking with another kid. He put in a good effort to keep up with Ian who is three years his senior. Eventually, though, Ian and Jason grew impatient and went ahead at full speed. Diane, Jason, and Ian haven’t hiked much, so we had fun teaching Diane how to find the trail. And we came up with a whole shopping list of equipment that would make hiking more fun.

Tyson has bicycled a lot this fall, so I was surprised when his knees hurt hiking down. Guess we need to cross-train with more hikes. 5.5 miles total.

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