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Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Tybee Island: Kayaking in Warm Georgia

October 31, 2016
Emilie Phillips

The first day of vacation on Tybee Island in Georgia was partly logistics and partly bumpy water play.

Marsha from Sea Kayak Georgia.

Marsha from Sea Kayak Georgia.

My parents brought their collection of kayaks from Virginia, but they do not have a tandem, so we had to rent a tandem. Sea Kayak Georgia only rents sit on top tandems. And in fact, we were limited to one yellow kayak not broken by trees falling during hurricane Mathew. By the time we finished logistics of renting the boat, figuring out how to mount such a broad boat on the roof, and trudging our gear back and forth over the sand at the put in, it was lunch time. So we ate our carefully packed trail lunch right at the beach.

Trudy working the waves

Trudy working the waves

Then we floated down Tybee Creek with the ebb tide to a giant sandbar at its mouth. I first thought the sandbar was the far side, it was so big. We found some fun waves to surf. Or at least Tyson and I thought they were fun. My parents were a little wobbly.

Isaac and Tyson practicing floating.

Isaac and Tyson practicing floating.

Tyson and Isaac parked the “barge” and went swimming. They slowly drifted out into bigger and bigger waves. Isaac held onto Tyson’s PFD for a fun ride up and down each wave.


Meanwhile, I decided my parents needed practice with assisted rescues if they were that nervous out in the bumpy water. So I made them rescue me twice. Then Tyson came over and made them rescue each other twice. After that, they were willing to play in the waves some more and even get flipped over.

Isaac tipping grandma's (Trudy's) boat.

Isaac tipping grandma’s (Trudy’s) boat.

Isaac wanted to try kayaking too, so we found a modest pond in the middle of the sand bar and let him try Trudy’s boat. After watching us all flip over, he had to try wet exits too.

We all went out for one more surf session farther out into the waves. Isaac and Tyson spotted the dolphins first. I saw them blowing beyond the waves. And then they swam past us, gracefully arcing up to the surface.

Isaac watching a dolphin.

Isaac watching a dolphin.

A DC-3 flew back and forth over the water the whole afternoon. We never figured out what it was doing. It did have a large opening with a blinking green light.

Since it was Halloween, Isaac and I finished the day trick-or-treating.

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