A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Abenaki Ski Area

January 7, 2017
Emilie Phillips

We went to Wolfeboro NH to give friends our winter outdoor baby kit. While we were there, we explored their local ski touring center.

Taking a baby on backcountry adventures requires a bunch of specialized equipment. We used a backpack carrier, pulk, oversized jacket, family shelter, fleeces, and more. Ever since Isaac outgrew them, they have just been sitting in the attic. Grigory and Kaitrin, friends of ours from the NH Appalachian Mountain Club, recently had a kid. We were excited at the opportunity to give new life to our old gear. Hopefully the kit will help them have lots of adventures. Here are some pictures of what we gave them:

We met Kaitrin and Grigory at Abenaki ski area in Wolfeboro, off the east end of Lake Winnipesaukee. It is an interesting place. They have an old style main ski slope and a rope tow mobbed with all ages of kids and adults. Around the side is a network of groomed cross country ski trails. At the bottom is a lodge with snacks and downhill ski rental. A separate shop in town sells the cross country ski passes.

I concentrated too much on dressing Isaac at the car and not enough on myself, so I started the trip hungry, thirsty, and cold. We were half way around our loop by the time I resolved all my issues. Isaac’s cross country technique is all over the place, but he had fun as long as we weren’t trying to teach him something. His stride improved a lot after skiing without poles.

Grigory caught up

We took the farthest out cross country loop. The trails had good snow cover. They wound up and down and around the woods. In a few places, we passed near roads and houses. Overall, a nice little ski area with fun terrain. Our loop was 4.4 miles.

Grigory caught up with us on his skate skis and then zoomed back and forth, chatting on each pass. We met up with Kaitrin and the baby near the bottom and then adjourned to their house.

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