A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Alton Bay Ice Runway

February 4, 2017
Emilie Phillips

The Alton Bay Ice Runway facebook page announced they were open, so every pilot group everywhere planned to fly up. The problem with every pilot group all at once deciding to go, is then I had to pick between groups. Tyson was off leading an AMC trip up Mt Washington. So it was just Isaac and I for Saturday. The group I initially chose, pushed their flight back to Sunday because of high winds on Saturday. The forecast I read suggested the winds would pick up mid day. So I figured if I could get Isaac and I out early, we could still go on our own.

While we were eating breakfast at home, Jerry took off headed for Alton Bay. Then, while we were packing up, Mike departed. By the time we caught up with them at the bay dinner, they had mostly finished breakfast. But that was ok. We sipped hot chocolate and chatted for a bit.

Isaac made a friend

The flight up was a little bumpy, but not too bad. The winds were definitely gusty entering the pattern over Mt Major, and landing. When I landed there were only 5 or so planes on the ramp. That seemed reasonable given the forecast for worsening conditions. I talked briefly with another RV-4 pilot. Isaac made friends with a kid and they had fun sliding on the ice.

RV-7 landing at Alton Bay

I decided to leave before the winds strengthened, but more planes kept arriving. There were at least 20 on the ground when I left. The radio frequency which had been silent on the way up was packed with pilots. I heard a Cherokee trying to find the end of the line behind a flight of 4 Cirruses.

Isaac said he wanted to go to Grammie’s. So we stopped over at Jaffrey briefly. Then on the way home we landed on lake Potanipo just for fun.

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