A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

The New England spring flying season has gotten a slow start. In April, it rained. In May, it rained cold and steady drizzle for days. Finally, May 20th, we saw our first sunny weekend. The weekend was packed with events. There was the Hampton flea market with all sorts of priceless aviation rubbish. Post Mills VT held their pancake breakfast and fly in. Mark Keneston, the regional Cub Crafters representative, emailed out an invitation to see the XCub and compete in a short field competition at Basin Harbor (B06), Vermont. Oh, and my cousin’s wedding down in Maryland.

I didn’t want to miss my cousin’s wedding and Tyson didn’t want to miss all the fun near home. So we squeezed in the wedding and the Basin Harbor short field competition. I didn’t see any point to flying two planes to Maryland, so I left my RV-4 home.

I first wrote this weekend as one big post, but I since separated out the days.

Flight to Pennsylvania

Flight to Max’s wedding

From Pennsylvania to Basin Harbor

Cub Crafters STOL competition at Basin Harbor