A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Contoocook splash

June 11, 2017
Emilie Phillips

We are still working to get Isaac comfortable in the water around boats. This weekend Tyson suggested doing exactly what he did as a kid to learn boats and water safety.

Tyson and Isaac playing with the family canoe
  1. Go to the beach at Tyson’s grandparents’ house on Lake Contoocook.
  2. Get out the family canoe.
  3. Play around in the water with the canoe sunk, tipped over, or in some other way not paddleable.
Isaac and Tyson under the upturned canoe

Isaac giggled and splashed enjoying all the time playing in the water with Dad. Isaac turned blue and lunch time arrived before we convinced him to come out. This weekend, the weather suddenly turned hot and sunny. Sunday the air was in the high 80s. I would guess the water was in the 60s. The last month was cold and rainy and water is slow to warm. Isaac’s shorty wet suit and a fleece shirt aren’t enough to keep him warm in water that cold.

Yellow pond lilies in bloom

We warmed up in the sun while eating lunch. Then we took our kayaks and paddled out to the south end of the lake and back. On the paddle south we battled a fierce headwind. We tucked close to shore as much as we could. The shallow south end of the lake was abloom with yellow pond lilies.

We sailed the wind back north with our paddles held high. The wind blew us so fast our boats made wakes. I felt bad for the rec boaters, especially the ones who didn’t know enough to use the lee behind each headland. Back at Tyson’s grandmother’s house, however Tyson pointed out “There’s a loon nesting on the end of the island. I used to swim out there all the time as a kid and never saw a loon.” The loon warbled pleasantly for us.

Sailing back north

Our torso muscles were tired after the short paddle and my hamstrings felt stretched. It was definitely an early season paddle for us.

The one sad note on the trip is Tyson’s grandmother passed away several years ago. The house had been in the family for generations, but this summer, his parents decided to sell it. That was our last paddling trip from the house.

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