A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Downhill Isaac

January 7, 2018
Tyson Sawyer

We wanted some bumps and trees. Isaac wanted a lift; and bumps. …we headed to Pats Peak. The morning was busy so we didn’t arrive until 1:00 for the afternoon ticket.

On the first ride up the lift, Isaac looked through the thin line of trees to the ungroomed double black diamond on our left and declared that was the trail he wanted to take. We wanted him to warm up on something easier where we could coach him a bit on his form. When things get tough, he still finds a wedge and Emilie is adamant that Isaac should have a diet of gluten free skiing. ….all french fries, no pizza.


First trip down was mostly on green terrain where we coached him on getting onto his little toe and keeping his upper body facing down the hill. Second trip was down some blue routes where he continued to ski well. When Isaac and I were stopped waiting for Emilie who had stopped for something, a young girl (not quite as young as Isaac) skied past. Isaac commented on how she was using just her big toes and the skis were edged inward in a wedge. He got it!

Next up, was Isaac’s choice so the rest of the afternoon was a steady diet of: under the upper portion of the “Peak Triple Chair” (double black, ungroomed) to the middle section of Hurricane (double black, ungroomed) to Hurricane Glade (double black, ungroomed, trees). His wedge appeared from time to time, but so did some good parallel technique.

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