A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Ski Crotched Town Forest

December 31, 2017
Emilie Phillips

It was 4F when we left home and only a few degrees warmer when we arrived in Francestown to explore Crotched Town Forest. I bundled up in my giant down parka while changing boots in the parking lot. Tyson wondered if it was just too cold since he was chilly wearing all but one layer. By the time my Mom had changed Isaac’s boots and dressed him in jackets, Isaac was cold.

Link Trail in Crotched Town Forest

We made it a little way down the trail before Isaac complained his hands were so cold they hurt. We swapped his mittens for Tyson’s arctic mittens. Isaac’s hands warmed up, but now he couldn’t hold his poles. Tyson clipped the tow rope onto Isaac to help him up hills. Tyson warmed up. Now Isaac complained his feet were cold. My hands were cold now too from stopping and helping Isaac.

So we turned around.

Headed back out

On the way back, Isaac pointed out the ice coating the trees just like in his weather book. My parents skied back and forth to stay warm. By the time we reached the car, Isaac was cheerful and said one foot was warm, the other still cold.

We will have to come back to explore some other time.
Map of the forest.
Previous hiking trip.


GPS Track