A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Midweek Rest Day at Big Sky

February 22, 2018
Emilie Phillips

This post is from the third day in a week long vacation.

After two hard days of skiing, our legs were tired. They needed an easy day. Meanwhile Dad had recovered enough from the flu to try a half day of skiing. We followed Isaac’s instructor’s suggestion from the previous day. He recommended Pomp and Freemont’s Forest on Andesite Mountain, the last peak we had neglected to explore.

Tyson and Isaac playing follow the leader

We found powder in the tighter trees at the edge of the glades. My Dad tried the more open glades for a bit, but then diverted onto the groomed trails. Mom found her telemark turn in the gentler slopes. Isaac particularly liked a luge-maze through dense fifteen-year pines. Us parents didn’t like it as much because we had to yell to find him again after he charged off.

John on an easy run

By lunch time, my Dad was worn out. He willed himself down groomed blue Hangman to the base and then walked back to the condo to recover. The rest of us ate lunch and headed up again.

All done, back at the condo

We skied two more runs down Elk Park Meadows, the second to retrieve my goggles that I had dropped from the lift. Tyson declared himself done for the day. Isaac insisted he could ski twenty more runs. However, when Mom and I returned from our restroom break, I found him flat on the ground, singing up at the snow falling from the sky. We skied down Silver Knife past all the condos and called it a day.

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