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Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Steep Powder Caches at Big Sky, Montana

February 21, 2018
Emilie Phillips

This post is from the second day of our mini-week vacation.

We logged 26 miles on the GPS Wednesday. Tyson had a goal: steeps and powder. We enrolled Isaac in ski school, then, Tyson led Mom and I on the hunt for steeps, trees, and powder.

The snow blending with the sky behind Tyson and Trudy

We found blacks so steep Tyson tumbled down them on the end of the Stillwater bowl. We found traverses with blowing snow and flat light obscuring drop-offs that we only found when our skis grew light and our hearts rose to our throats. We found steep trees, and moderate trees, and a few trees with stashes of powder no one else had discovered.

Over the day, we worked our way over to Madison Basin. Too soon we had to turn back for the Mountain Village. From the Stillwater traverse, we looked up at many double black gullies even steeper than we’d skied. Maybe Tyson and I will attempt them another day.

Some of the trails we skied were

* Jay walk
* Forbidden forest
* country club
* highway
* St Alphons Trees
* BRT Road
* Blue Moon
* Elkhorn
* snake bite
* Cinnabar
* Stillwater Traverse
* lookout ridge
* Trap line (maybe)
* silver fox gully
* fast lane
* Lobo
* Calamity Jane (with Isaac)

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  • We seem to be pushed into making similar choices. The on-line news letter for the Natural Bridget Appalachian Trail Club will be using MailChimp as well for distribution.

    John (A.K.A Dad)

    • I picked MailChimp because it was free for small lists. At work we rely heavily on Facebook advertising because of the data categorizing users and the tools for targeting people.