A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Mt Kearsarge

June 3, 2018
Emilie Phillips

We hiked Mt Kearsarge last Sunday. Tyson and I attempted summiting in 2011 and failed, which is pretty impressive as there’s a road a half mile from the top. That time, I started our hike two sections away on the Sunappee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway.

Tyson and Isaac climbing Winslow trail

This time we were sensible and opted for a 3 mile loop from Winslow State Park. Winslow state park looks like an awesome place for a picnic. They have a playground, picnic tables, and a great view. The park is located mid way up the northwestern flank of Mt Kearsarge.

Last views from Barlow trail

We hiked up the Winslow trail and back down the Barlow trail. The summit was mobbed. We took our turn climbing the fire tower. Tyson identified Cardigan as the rocky peak to the north. To the northeast was a long ridge, most likely Sandwich range that we had admired from Welch Mountain.

Tiger swallowtail

Isaac didn’t have quite as much fun on this hike as Welch-Dickey. I think because there wasn’t much rock scrambling. He’s getting better at the tag-the-blazes game. In a few more hikes, it may no longer be interesting. Instead we tried listening for bird songs. That’s still a challenge.

Bunch berry

Spring has progressed farther than our last hike. The viburnum has immature berries. The few trillium I saw were also working on berries. The azaleas are starting to drop petals. Canada mayflowers are still blooming. And I spotted a few blue bead lilies opening their flowers.

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