A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Surf Training in Ipswich Bay

September 16, 2018
Tyson Sawyer

We took Isaac kayaking in Ipswich Bay at the south end of Plum Island. He did great. He took a number of rides on some Isaac sized surf and learned to edge into the wave. His kayak control is still limited, but he edged enough that he never flipped.

Tyson attempting to instruct ferry angles

We made progress on wet exits. Emilie got him to go upside down while holding her hands and then come back up. On a 2nd go, he rolled over with her hands for 3 seconds and then exited the boat upside down when she let go.

We padded out a foot brace for Isaac in Emilie’s kayak. As a result, his posture was much better and his balance and control more effective. He is also getting better with the paddle.

Emilie went hunting for surf on the sandbars at the mouth of Plum Island sound. She found a few waves and rides and a few other kayakers also seeking surf. Contrary to what we remember, at low tide the sandbars never surfaced.

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Comments (2)

  • Marvelous blog, great family learning and adventure, stumbled across j3.org looking for info on Valley Anas Acuta kayaks. First pic on this page is of two Acutas if not mistaken. What are your pros and cons of the Acuta? Thanks! Mark.

    • The con is that there are faster kayaks. However, I enjoy the Anas Acuta so much that I picked up a second one. I find most kayaks to be too large, too wide and have a bit too much primary stability. I just love how it goes up on edge and carves a turn. It rolls wonderfully and pure fun in surf.

      Different people have different preferences. If everyone felt about the Anas Acuta as I do, there would be a lot more of them out there. I prefer an ocean cockpit. The Anas Acuta can be found with either ocean or keyhole cockpit. I like a lower volume boat that doesn’t catch as much wind. The low decks make rolling easier. The hard chine carves and surfs well. I find it to be very comfortable in rough conditions. …and it is large enough for kayak camping.

      I don’t like the stock seat. Remove the seat and outfit with foam. Remove the foot rests also and pad out the bulkhead for for your leg length.

      It has a bit less primary stability than most kayaks, but the secondary is excellent. That is why it is so good on edge and in rough conditions.

      As I said at the start, it isn’t as fast as many kayaks. However, every time I’ve found another kayak that I like and is faster, once I get back in to my Anas Acuta, I realize just how much more maneuverable and fun it is.

      Do you happen to be near NH? I’m always happy to let someone try my boats.