A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Skiing at Jackson

January 13, 2019
Emilie Phillips

We went cross country skiing up at Jackson. There’s no snow at our house, or even at our local cross country ski area, Windblown. So instead we went north to the Jackson ski touring center. The snow was a bit stiff, especially down low, but the grooming was good. And it was a brilliant blue sunny day.

Isaac and Tyson climbing Yodel Trail

We bought Isaac new boots to replace the used boots from a ski swap. The new boots are the same size, but don’t slip on his feet and cause blisters. Then, on impulse, I signed Isaac up for the mid day kid’s lesson. He had so much fun, he tried to decline coming to lunch afterwards. The instructor said that Isaac would have even more fun on longer faster skis. So we bought him new skis also.

Emilie and Isaac seeing how far they can glide back up the hill

I had brought my waxable skis, so I too was having fun going fast. Skiing my best classic diagonal stride, I passed a recreational skate skier. Tyson had opted for the other extreme. He was trying out his new wide but scaled skis and touring plastic boots.

Whether it was the new skis, the grooming, or a different attitude this year, Isaac liked going along fast on the flats. He didn’t mind uphills so much, and he still liked downhills.

Isaac making his own trail

Some days I find groomed cross country ski areas boring. Today though, surrounded by snow that I haven’t seen in a month, I loved it. I do wish my waxable skis were a little shorter. Even when I use perfect technique on the uphills they slip.

Tyson kept up better than I expected on his short shaped skis. He said they skate much better than his older scaled skis, even though the older skis are straighter. Maybe the new ones are stiffer? The plastic boots mostly worked. His right toes felt cramped by the end of the day. We stopped at Stan and Dan Sports on the way home to get the boot reshaped.

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