A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

The turkeys ate all our blueberries in our yard, so we headed up to the Belknap range to pick blueberries. Four years ago when we hiked Mt Major, we had seen lots of blueberries there. We hiked the precipice loop path. We only saw one other person on Precipice Path. The treadway looked like it saw little use, which was good because it went straight up and down pine needle covered slopes in places. See the BRT site for a trail description and map. We started at the bottom of the loop and hiked clockwise.

Indian Pipe

We saw tiny little toads. Isaac tried to catch a frog, but it peed on him. Isaac spotted one garter snake and I another. I admired the bright berries on the blue ball lilies and bunch berries. The lady slippers had gone to seed. I saw Indian pipe blooming. The promised waterfall on the west side was a small trickle. The cascades on the east side of the loop were green with moss, but no water. Looks like they must be better in the spring.

Tyson picking more blueberries

Up top, we found tons of blueberries. We also found lots of people hiking the Belknap Ridge Trail. I hiked out the meadows along the Straightback Mountain trail and picked a liter of blueberries by myself. Meanwhile Isaac needed a rest in the shade after getting too hot. Tyson and Isaac picked 2/3 of a liter of blueberries before I rejoined them at the top of the east end of Precipice Trail. I saw other folks out picking too. We quit once we had 3.5 liters.

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GPS Track

Tyson and Isaac’s hiking route.